Reiki Treatment



Initial consultation (1.5-2 hours) - £50.00

Further support sessions (2 hours) - £60.00 

We have all had physical, emotional pain, felt overwhelmed, anxious about life events and situations that have affected us in various ways.  These experiences affect us physically, emotionally and affect the body’s vibrational frequency.

Progressive Kinesiology combines Western techniques with traditional Chinese medicine principles to identify blockages in the natural energy flow of the body.  A truly holistic approach that looks at the person as a whole – mind, body and spirit, all of which play their part in keeping a person healthy, happy and balanced. 


It focuses on clearing any blockages, which have impacted our physical body and mind raising our body’s vibrational frequency  creating the right conditions for the body and mind to start healing themselves.

A bespoke treatment that is as unique as you - there is no such thing as a typical kinesiology session.